Roofing companies still making repairs one year after windstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. – It has been a year since Spokane’s historic November windstorm and the City is still recovering, especially when it comes to roof repairs.

KREM 2 On Your side reached out to dozens of local roofing companies to see the extent of damage they are still repairing. Most of them said they are still booked with clients affected by the vicious blow from the storm.

Alpine Construction said 60-70 percent of their clients have damages as a result of the windstorm. They are booked with clients through February.§ion=home

Workers from Spokane Roofing Company said they have 45 clients that are still dealing with windstorm damage. They have also repaired 400 roofs and re-roofed around 200 homes.

In October, FEMA reimbursed Spokane County $9.5 million to help cover the cost of the windstorm. The funding will be repaid in increments over several months.

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